Outsourcing Marketing Assistants Staff

Whether it’s Online Marketing, Marketing Automation, Market Research or anything in between, the team at Outsourced have the skills and experience to find you the most talented marketers in the Philippines.

Marketing your business shouldn’t just be one part of your business, it should be your key focus to show customers what they are missing out on. Good marketing is an ongoing task that can be time-consuming and take you away from your core business functions and local agencies can sometimes be too costly. If neither of these options work for you, it’s time to consider hiring an offshore marketing team in the Philippines.

Simplifying Your Business with Get2Work

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We have experience building teams for Marketing Roles

Other popular roles include Marketing Automation Specialist, Market Researcher, Brand manager, Proofreader, Media Planner and Buyer and other Back office marketing support team services.

Building Remote Contact Center with Get2Work

Building remote marketing departments in the Philippines offers your business access to a large pool of talented professionals and a cost-effective way to recruit and manage additional staff. With marketing specialists in great demand around the world, it can be difficult to build a team of marketing experts for your company.

The result is that many start-ups and small established businesses don’t have access to skilled marketers and have to perform these tasks in-house using unskilled staff. The easy solution is to build an offshore marketing team in the Philippines because we have a database of highly qualified and experienced professionals just waiting for full-time positions.

We manage all the recruitment, hiring and onboarding processes for your company, building your remote-based marketing team using our local network and expertise. You just need to send us your criteria and then select the best people from our shortlist of candidates. We even provide several state-of-the-art facilities where your offshore team can work with high-speed internet, high-tech computers, meeting rooms and individual workstations.

We also manage all their entitlements, such as HR, payroll, annual leave, sick leave, taxes, and all the paperwork required when hiring overseas staff in the Philippines. We manage all the administrative tasks for you, leaving you to oversee their work on a schedule that suits your needs.

Benefits of Partnering with Get2work

The benefits of outsourced marketing teams cannot be overstated. Whatever size your company and whatever your industry, everyone needs some form of marketing. It’s one of the major expenses for most companies but finding and retaining a team of marketing experts can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

So instead of relying on unskilled employees to manage your marketing efforts or simply putting it all on hold for the time being, companies are now realising the advantages of offshore marketing teams.

The benefits of outsourced marketing teams include the cost savings you’ll make in both the short and long term regarding recruitment, onboarding, resources and infrastructure. However, you can also create marketing campaigns, explore email marketing options and develop a large social media following. You can even discover new ways to market your business using the skills of your offshore marketing team.

The advantages of remote-based marketing teams make this a very viable strategy for your business, whether you want help with content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, data analysis or content moderation. Whatever skillset you need in your outsourced marketing team you can access in the Philippines.

Your new outsourced marketing team works full-time for your company and integrates quickly with your in-house staff. It won’t be long before you wonder how you ever managed without the expertise of your offshore marketing team.