Why Get2Work?

Many companies — both large and small — face challenges with finding top talent, from candidate qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial scale. Our unique solution for hiring elite independent contractors addresses all of these concerns


Typical Employeement

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Role-Specific Quality

Get2Work have a tried and tested track record of brilliance. We match your company with talent that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re trying to fill.

Overall Quality

Beyond their brilliant technical capabilities, Get2Work are also screened on their soft skills including attitude, ethical values, energy, education, and English proficiency. We want to ensure they’re amazing teammates, not just amazing workers.

No-Risk Trial

Every time you work with a new Get2Work Staff, you will have a trial period to decide whether they meet your needs. If you don’t find them to be extraordinary, you will not be charged (and you can even keep any work completed during the trial).

Quick Team Ramp-Up

Get2Work are well-versed in a variety of project management and collaboration tools. They have the ability to smoothly and quickly adapt to those used by your company—even if they’re obscure.

Painless Communication

Our talent have proven experience in their functional areas and can convey complex concepts clearly to all stakeholders.

Reliability & Flexibility

Although we hope you work with our talent long-term, you can scale your Get2Work team up or down within a matter of weeks, not months or years. We have worked with companies to build their initial teams, fill positions for specific projects, and expand team capabilities during “crunch-times”. As you transition between these company milestones, you may also transition any Toptaler to a part-time role or stop using their services just as quickly as you started using them. We try to make this process as agile as your business.


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Simple, Cost-Effective Pricing

We give you great value for access to our talent. We have saved client companies upward of $1 million per year. Our pricing is straight-forward — work with Get2Work hourly, part-, or full- time for a fixed price on a weekly basis. No hidden fees.

Additional Savings

Beyond our competitive weekly pricing, with Get2Work you don’t have to worry about benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses, etc. We take care of those details.

Team Value

Company value — especially for start-ups — is largely impacted by your ability to build an amazing team and product. Unfortunately, putting together a great team to build a great product takes substantial amounts of time and money. Whether a Get2Work is hired to provide in-house teams with more bandwidth or to extend the team’s capabilities, they enable your company to build your team and product faster.
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Scale Your Business With Us 🚀

Running a business presents enough challenges. Staffing and human capital  shouldn’t be one of them. With Get2Work on your side, you can focus on growth and expansion.

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