Discover Our Unique Process That Gives You the Edge

We constantly strive to give you the best talent. Our rigorous screening process ensures the highest possible staffing quality.

Out of the thousands of applications Get2Work receives each month, fewer than 3% are hired and retained.

The Get2Work Screening Process


Sourcing Talent

Unlike every other staffing agency with their traditional posting methods, we have access to the best possible talent pool in the industry because of our rock solid reputation as an employer. Get2Work receives thousands of applicants per month. In addition, We employ industry’s leading headhunters to source the most qualified staff for you. We also imploy AI to search through databases with stringent criteria to constantly source for qualified staff.


Screening and Interviewing

We make no compromises for our clients. Less than 3% of applicants get accepted to our staffing pool. Every applicant goes through rigorous background, reference check, information verification, language, personality, and problem-solving tests before they can proceed to the next step.


Final Selection

We employ a multitude of factors accross our testing processes to ensure the highest possible fit to your company. In addition to hard and soft skills, we ensure that each staff fits your company values and culture to maximize compatibility.


Onboarding & Initial Training

We are proud to offer you the most effective and efficient onboarding solution in the market. It takes us on average 24 days to fully onboard a staff including initial training compared to the industry average of 90 days.
We are the only staffing agency in the industry that offers on-demand staffing solutions. As your company scales quickly, we will provide you with on-demand staffing solutions to onboard and train staff at lightening speeds.


Continuous Monitoring and Training

We don’t stop excelling for you even after we have fully trained and onboarded a staff. Every staff member is under constant monitoring for performance and corrective measures are taken to ensure the staff perform at the highest level possible . The staff are also trained on recurring bases to sharpen their skills so they can work at their peak levels.

Supercharge Your Fully-Managed International Team

We pride ourselves in being the most client-centric staffing solution on the market. We continously push performance boundaries to excel in every area of staffing solutions. Let us handle all the legwork and headache of your staffing needs so you can focus on growing your business.